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Digital Media Advertising

Digital Media Ad Planning

Whether promoting an event or simply wanting to increase brand awareness, digital advertising is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to do so. Patio will recommend the appropriate channels to hit your target audience and conversion goals, such as Google Adwords and Display Network, sponsored blogs, promoted posts on social platforms, and/or integrated social media ads. Our ad development team handles all aspects of a digital ad campaign, from design and copy writing, to managing the buy, A/B testing, analysis and reporting. We will regularly monitor all digital ads to optimize performance and get the strongest return on investment. Patio is also a Tapped Mobile partner, allowing our team to include mobile location app targeting for concise demographic targeting

Social Media Support

Strategy Development

A successful social media strategy will not only integrate and enhance all marketing and corporate communications efforts, it acknowledges and plans for dialogue with multiple audience types. Patio works with clients to develop a long & short term social media strategies that will recognize the various touch-point opportunities social media can provide.


Content Creation

Engaging and strategic content improves overall brand integration and optimizes user experiences. Patio creates content to highlight key messages by working closely with clients to identify brand voice, target audiences, and campaign goals. Patio's talented in-house team dishes out content ranging from copywriting and graphic design to video editing.


Channel Management

Whether social media management is required for a singular event or on a long-term basis, Patio is happy to step in and take the reins already-established channels or develop a social media presence from the ground up.

Social Media Training

Training is key to understanding social media tools and learning how they can work to promote your business, brand and corporate reputation. Patio offers a variety of social media training sessions for large or small businesses. Our team also provides general social media training presentations for conferences and workshops.


Influencer Outreach

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