Our Services

Our vision is to challenge and expand the imagination of what digital marketing and social media communications can do for businesses.

Digital Advertising

Strategy Development

Award winning digital campaigns all start with well-defined goals. Patio recommends the appropriate advertising channels to hit target audiences and conversion goals, including as our proprietary in-house programmatic DSP, Google Adwords SEM & Display (GDN), promoted posts on social platforms and/or integrated social media ads. We know where and how to get the most from your advertising dollars.

Patio’s Programmatic DSP
Patio uses our proprietary in-house programmatic DSP enabling us to reach audiences ranging from global citizens to hyper-local micro-geo-targeted users. Additionally, we offer thousands of exclusive publisher direct deals ranging from Ultra-premium publishers to pre-aggregated in-market audiences. If you’re wanting to reach a unique audience, we have numerous platforms to efficiently reach them. Patio creates all digital ad formats for our clients including industry standard HTML5 display ads, to video ads, to full page mobile video interstitials.


Targeting Tactics

Knowing who to reach through digital ads is just a small component of targeting. Knowing when, where and how to engage with target audiences is where Patio excels. From geo-fencing thousands of international and national locations to using broad stroke national targeting to initially find and engage with audiences, then efficiently reaching them with retargeting, is just one of Patio’s unique skills.



With thousands of campaigns under our belt, Patio’s team of experts intuitively understand which levers to pull to drive exceptional results. Campaigns are continuously tested and monitored to determine the optimal creative and targeting combinations while ensuring they build upon the results and successes.


Ad Planning & Budgeting

Patio plans each campaign ad component in detail including rollout timing and detailed ad spends that capture ad pacing, establish interim goals and define key performance indicators (KPIs). Each campaign spend is closely monitored to ensure advertising budgets are maximized.


Ad Creation

Patio’s award-winning creative team provides clients with world-class campaigns. From small screen mobile ads or full-page interstitials to video ad units, our team ensures key messages are highlighted while maintaining brand integrity to fully optimize user experiences.


Analysis and Reporting

Regular analysis & reporting throughout each campaign is provided to keep all stakeholders appraised of performance and the optimizations made while in-market. A comprehensive summary is provided at the end of each campaign outlining in-market tests and a list of learnings which can be carried forward to the next campaign. Continuously building upon our client’s successes is what sets us apart.

Social Media 

Strategy Development

A successful social media strategy will not only integrate and enhance all marketing and corporate communications efforts, it acknowledges and plans for dialogue with multiple audience types. Patio works with clients to develop a long & short term social media strategies that will recognize the various touch-point opportunities social media can provide.

Content Planning

Using content planning platforms, such as Sprout Social and Hey Orca, we schedule created content down to the minute based on the target audience's usage of specific social media platforms and the campaign's objectives.


Content Creation

Engaging and strategic content improves overall brand integration and optimizes user experiences. Patio creates content to highlight key messages by working closely with clients to identify brand voice, target audiences, and campaign goals. Patio's talented in-house team dishes out content ranging from copywriting and graphic design to video editing.

Channel Management

Whether social media management is required for a singular event or on a long-term basis, Patio is happy to step in and take the reins of already-established channels or develop a social media presence from the ground up.

Influencer Outreach

Patio works with influencers in order to achieve campaign-specific goals for the client. We work to find influencers who match the brand values of the client, resonate with our target audience groups, maximize brand recognition, and help move the customer down the purchasing funnel.


Social Media Training

Training is key to understanding social media tools and learning how they can work to promote your business, brand and corporate reputation. Patio offers a variety of social media training sessions for large or small businesses. Our team also provides general social media training presentations for conferences and workshops.

Analysis and Reporting

Using social media tracking tools, Patio can provide competitive analysis and content performance, engagement and reach benchmarking. The Patio team takes this data and provides an analysis of our clients' current campaign and social media strategy, in addition to more detail on effective posts based on goals of the campaign.

Crisis Communications

During and after tragic events, Patio manages social media channels, creates all online content/messaging, including website, email, and social media, and handles interactions with audiences using appropriate tone, empathetic listening, and recognition.