Instagram is Starting to Look More "Like" Facebook

Instagram is starting to look more “like” Facebook.

It is now possible to like comments on Instagram posts from any account, on any account. The new feature was introduced to some accounts this morning and will reach 500 million + users over the next two weeks.

When viewing the comments on a post, a heart icon will appear along the side, allowing the user to “like” another user’s comment and display the collective number of “likes” the comment has received. Replying to specific comments will now be more efficient, with the addition of a new “reply” prompt in place of pressing down on the user’s Instagram handle.

This friendly new feature was designed to allow users new ways to show their support for friends and fans. Businesses will benefit by being able to make more connections and attend to comments and questions from their customers and clientele with greater ease. The changes are likely to encourage users to take part in more conversations through the app, the way they do on its parent company, Facebook. For the moment, “liking” a comment won’t impact the comment display order, but if this new feature is a success we anticipate a ranking algorithm to be rolled out in the near future.

Other new features to be introduced include the ability to turn off commenting on specific posts and support for users experiencing cyberbullying or dealing with mental health issues.

The folks at Instagram continue to prove that they are willing to adapt to the demands of their users. It is important that businesses adapt to the changing features of this platform to meet the demands of their customers.